Our Legacy

Utilizing superior, seaworthy catamaran designs, Polynesian explorers traveled throughout the Pacific Ocean hundreds of years prior to the European discovery of the Americas. These intrepid explorers traveled thousands of miles over open ocean to discover Hawaii in the 400s AD. So, it is no great surprise that today, Glacier Bay catamaran designs are accomplishing record-making treks over large bodies of water. That’s because the displacement catamaran hull enables smaller vessels to travel safely and efficiently through sea conditions that are difficult for comparably-sized monohulls. So, whether you are venturing off to some distant isle in your Glacier Bay, or simply taking the family out for the day, you have a long history of solid seaworthy experience to assure your safe passage.

The original Glacier Bay designs focused on Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

The huge seas of the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Northwest’s submerged floating logs called “deadheads” were the focus of Glacier Bay construction in the late 1980’s when the first hulls were developed. The needs of these two geographically diverse markets led to high speed displacement hull designs with robust construction needed to survive the tough environments of inshore and offshore waters as far north as Alaska.

High speed displacement hulls, which slice through the seas rather than plane on top, proved seaworthy, safe and comfortable in diverse conditions from the Polynesian Pacific to the Bering Strait. And soon, the Glacier Bay models designed for the west coast found their way east to fishing and cruising boaters who found the incredibly smooth ride a welcome alternative to the monohull designs. Eventually, over 60% of Glacier Bay boats were transported to east coast buyers.

The original, tough build standards that made Glacier Bay boats popular in Northwest waters continue in today’s designs. Multiple bulkheads and foam flotation are now combined with all-composite construction making today’s Glacier Bays even more durable. Utilizing knit fiberglass and resin infusion on small parts makes these newer boats lighter, stronger and better performing than ever before.

Today, we are building on the Glacier Bay legacy in North Carolina.

The boat-building standards of North Carolina are legend. So, combining the legendary performance and history of Glacier Bay with our North Carolina builders’ dedication to sea keeping durability is a natural. Today, we continue this great history in Tarboro, North Carolina and we invite you to visit us and meet the people who build on the Glacier Bay legend.